ASGSB 2003 Annual Meeting Abstracts


THE TRANSCRIPTIONAL NETWORK OF GRAVITROPISM IN ARABIDOPSIS ROOT TIPS.   H. Winter Sederoff, J. M. Kimbrough, R. Salinas-Mondragon, and C.S. Brown.  NSCORT, Dept. Botany, NC State University, Raleigh.

   In response to environmental changes, cells in tissues of an organism go through a specific program of temporally and spatially coordinated gene expression to adapt to changing conditions. In Arabidopsis root tips, rapid, temporal changes in the abundance of specific transcripts occur in response to gravity-stimulation and these transcript level changes reveal clusters of coordinating signaling events that are required for the tissue to make a commitment to differential growth.
   We have carried out microarray analysis of Arabidopsis root tips after gravistimulation (reorientation) and mechanical stress and monitored transcript levels of ca. 24,000 genes in a time-course during the first hour after either stimuli. We identified genes responding to either stimulus specifically as well as transcripts regulated in both signaling pathways. The temporal patterns of transcription and transcript stability of those induced genes are very distinct. We also identified several previously hypothetical genes that were induced during gravitropic stimulation (now named GIGs Gravity Induced Genes) and analyzed the network of transcriptional regulators during the early stages of gravitropism.

(Supported by NASA: NAG2-1566)


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